Tirana, including Ksamil beach, Gjirokastra and Blue Eye

The Albanian Riviera is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Europe. Yet many tourists are not yet familiar with the stunning beaches along the Ionian
Sea, therefore, it remains quiet and untouched.
On the tour, you will visit the most gorgeous beaches of the Albanian Riviera. You will explore touristic highlights.

Additional information

Duration2 Days

Day 1.
– Departure from tirana 7:00
– Zvernec Monastery
– Vlora
– Llogara pass
– Dhermi Beach
– Jala Beach
– Himara Beach
– Porto Palermo and the Castle of Ali Pasha
– Borsh Beach
– Saranda
– Ksamil
Day 2
– Blue Eye sarande
– Gjirokaster city
– Gjirokastra Castle
– Old Bazaar of Gjirokastra
Returne to Tirana


Day 1

● Vlore Beach
We drive south towards the large
coastal city Vlore. Vlore is a very popular and large beachside city. It is also the starting point of the Albanian Riviera, which leads from Vlore southwards
to Saranda. The city is built around a large horseshoe bay in the sea. Along the bay, there is a popular beachside promenade called Lungomare.

● Sightseeing at Zvernec Island
We will make a 30 minute stop at Zvernec island. Zvernec Island is a little island in the Narta Lagoon. A long bridge leads you from the mainland to Zvernec Island. On the island, you can visit the little Zvernec
monastery. The island is a beautiful location to take pictures.

● Llogara Pass
From Vlore, we will start our drive along the coastal road in the direction of Saranda and make a stop at the Llogara Pass. The Llogara Pass is a mountain
pass on the coastal road. It is the highest point on the coastal road, at a height of 1027 meters. It has a beautiful viewpoint, where you can make a stop to take pictures. From the pass, you will have a
spectacular view.

● Dhermi beach
Dhermi beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Albanian Riviera. Dhermi is a lovely little village with hillside houses and a long stretch of beach. During the summer months, it attracts young people
and it has a vibrant atmosphere. We will stop to relax and swim in the sea, before continuing our journey.

● Jala beach
Jale Beach is a little beach village in the middle of the Albanian Riviera. The beach of Jale is known for its
incredibly clear water. The beach is surrounded by hills on both sides and it is usually one of the quieter spots in the Albanian Riviera. You will have some free
time to explore the beach.

● Himare beach
Himare is a larger village in the middle of the Albanian Riviera. There is a traditional village on the hillside, from where you can look down onto the beach and
sea. There is a small walking tour of the old village, which is on the hill. You can see some of the traditional houses, which are on the hillside.

● Porto Palermo and the Castle of Ali Pasha
Porto Palermo is a large blue bay in the Albanian Riviera. In the middle of the bay of Porto Palermo, you can visit the Castle of Ali Pasha. The castle of Ali Pasha is a triangular-shaped fortress on a little island in the Bay of Porto Palermo. The castle is very picturesque and from the rooftop, you
have a stunning view of the sea. The castle was built by the Venetians because it gave the Venetians easy access by sea and it has the same triangular design as the Venetian castle in Butrint.
During communism, the castle was used as a Soviet submarine base.

● Borsh Beach
The beach of Borsh is an impressive sight because the beach is extremely long. You can choose to stay among other people, close to the restaurants. Or you can walk along the beach to be by yourself. The
beach has perfect clear blue water and there is a good restaurant at the beach as well.

● Saranda
Saranda is a vibrant coastal city in the south of Albania, close to the Greek border. The city is often called “the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera”.
The large coastal city has a variety of restaurants, bars, clubs and coffee houses. In the evening, the entire city lights up and you can walk along the promenade by the water. You will have some free time in the evening to explore Saranda.

● Ksamil
Ksamil beach is a paradise-like beach in the South of Albania. Therefore, the Albanian people describe Ksamil beach as “the pearl of the Albanian Riviera”.
Without a doubt, Ksamil beach is the prettiest beach in the country. The beach is set on a little peninsula with perfect white sand. And the water in the bay is a
bright green colour and the clearest water you have ever seen. At Ksamil beach, there are four little islands in the sea close to the beach. The most famous are the twin
islands, which are connected to each other by a narrow strip of land. If you have always wanted to visit an uninhabited island, this is your chance. From the beach, you can swim to the nearest island. Or
you can rent a boat or kayak to visit the islands, which are further away.


Day 2

●  Blue Eye of Albania
The Blue Eye of Albania is one of the most beautiful places to see in Albania. The Blue Eye is a natural freshwater spring. The natural spring pumps bright blue water to the surface of the river. The Blue Eye has become a tourist attraction since the water of the spring is a magical blue colour. The water is so bright, that you won’t believe it is all-natural. Moreover, the spring resembles a human eye. The dark underwater cave looks like the black pupil of a human eye. And the bright blue water looks like the iris of a human eye. If you dare, you can jump into the Blue Eye spring, which is more than 50 metres deep. But bear in mind that the water is ice cold all year long.

● Gjirokaster city
Gjirokaster is a historical city, which is on the UNESCO heritage list. Walking through Gjirokaster gives you an insight into what the city was like during the Turkish Ottoman Empire. The city has typical
stone houses and cobblestone streets. Therefore, Gjirokaster is also known as the “stone city”. The city of Gjirokaster is known in Albania as a “museum city” because it has beautiful historical
buildings everywhere. It is a lovely city to stroll through.

●Gjirokaster Castle
The Gjirokaster Castle is a large fortress on the top of a hill in the city. The fortress has a spectacular view of the historical city and the traditional stone houses
of Gjirokaster. It is one of the biggest hilltop castles in the Balkans and it, therefore, dominates the city. The castle was originally built in the 12th century by
the local Byzantine government. But it was renovated and additions were made during the Byzantine rule, the Ottoman empire and the government of King Zog. From 1930 onward, it was mainly used as a prison for people who were resistant the government.

● Old Bazaar of Gjirokaster
The Old Bazaar of Gjirokaster is the traditional market place in Gjirokaster. The bazaar was originally build in the Middle Ages. There are a variety of craftsmen,
souvenir shops and coffee houses along the Bazaar. You can buy handmade wooden pieces, handwoven rugs and delicate lace items. The street of the Bazaar is made of cobblestones and it set on a steep hillside.

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