Kruje and Mount Sarisalltik Full- Day Tour from Tirana

Kruje & Mount Sarisalltik Full-Day Tour from Tirana Kruje is one of the most famous cities in Albania, because it was the home of the National Hero Skanderbeg.

Kruje is one ot the most famous cities in Albania, because it was the home of the National Hero Skanderbeg. You will visit the Castle of Kruje, which has an amazing panoramic view. And you will enter the Skanderbeg Museum and learn how the National hero was able to fight against the Ottoman Empire. Furthermore, you will see the Ethnographic Museum, which shows a traditional Albanian house. Then, you have the chance to shop for some souvenirs and handicrafts at the Old Bazaar Market 600 years old. And finally, we will visit Mount Sarisalltik With a wonderful view.

You will be picked up in Tirana at 8:30 and we will drive for around I hour to reach Kruje. The city of Kruje is famous in Albania because it was the home of the National hero Skanderbeg. During the trip, we will visit the Castle of Kruje, the Skanderbeg Museum, the Ethnographic museum  , Sarisalltik and the Old Bazaar.

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Duration1 Day

– City of Kruje
– Sarisalltik
– Old Bazaar
– Scenderbeg Castle
– Ethnographic Museum


Kruje Castle

The castle of Kruje is an impressive hillside castle, which is located above the city of Kruje. The castle has breathtaking views of the surrounding area and Tirana city in the distance. The small medieval castle is famous in Albania because it was the headquarters of the national hero Skanderbeg. In the 15th century, the powerful Turkish Ottoman empire was conquering the Balkans. However, the Ottoman Turks were not able to break the defences of the Kruje Castle. The rebellion against the Ottomans was lead by Albania’s national hero Skanderbeg. He had serious military skills, and therefore, he was compared to Alexander the Great.


Skanderbeg Museum

The Skanderbeg Museum is one of the most visited & most important museums in Albania. It is named after Skanderbeg, who is Albania’s national hero. Skanderbeg was a warrior and battle commander. He reunited the different Albanian families and tribes. And he created an army that fought against the Ottoman Turks for 25 years. In the museum, you can experience the story of Skanderbeg’s life and military battles in chronological order. You get to know the story of Albania’s most celebrated national hero!


Ethnographic Museum of Kruja

The Ethnographic Museum of Kruja is a traditional home, where you can get a unique, insight into the traditional Albanian household customs. The house was originally built in the 1 9th century by the affluent Toptani family. Inside the museum, you will see how self-sufficient the family was. The family produced its own food, honey, leather, weapons and olive oil. It even has a mini hammam and a little watermill. The house’s wall displays beautiful fresco paintings.


Old Bazaar Market

The Old Bazaar is one of the oldest Ottoman-style markets in Albania. The marketplace was built over 600 years ago and it was recently restored in 2015. In the bazaar, you can buy souvenirs and traditional handicraft items from Albania. Popular products in the market are traditional Albanian clothing, rugs, copper pots, silver jewellery and embroidered tablecloths. It is a lovely market to stroll around or you can enjoy a coffee at one of the cafes along the street.


The Cave of Sarisalltik

In the afternoon, we will visit Sarisalltik. The mountain cave of Sarisalltik is a religious location in Albania. Pilgrims hike up to the cave, because the journey has a sacred meaning for them. The cave of Sarisalltik is at a height of 1 1 76 meters and it has the most amazing view of the surrounding landscape. Inside the cave, you can visit the fountain of holy water, and the grave of Sarisalltik, who was a religious leader. You can have a coffee at the cafe and enjoy the stunning views.

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