Shkodra Full-Day Tour From Tirana

Shkoder is the culture and artistic city of Albania. Explore Rozafa Castle, the Venetian-style boulevard and much more.

Additional information

Duration1 Day

– Rozafa castle
– Shiroka
– Mesi Bridge
– City of shkodra
– Lake of Shkodra

● Departure from tirana at 8 : 00
● 10 : 00 we reach in Castle of Rozafa
11:30 we will visit Shiroka
12:30 we will visit Mesi Bridge
2 : 30 hours free time & lunch
Return to Tirana


Rozafa Castle

The most popular touristic attraction in Shkoder is the Rozafa Castle.
The castle is set on the hill-top a few kilometers from the center, and it has a stunning panoramic view. From the castle, you can see the impressive Lake of Shkoder and you will see the three large rivers meet at the bottom of the hill.

At the Rozafa castle museum entrance, you can see a statue of lady Rozafa. According to the famous Albanian legend, she was sacrificed by the three brothers who built the castle, so that their building efforts would be successfull. She agreed to be built into the castle’s wall under the condition that her breast, hand and foot would be exposed, so that she could feed her
infant son.


Mesi Bridge

You will also visit the Mesi Bridge, which is the largest surviving Ottoman bridge in Albania.

The Mesi Bridge is a gorgeous stone bridge of 108 meters ong. You can walk on the bridge and admire the panoramic view of the river and the mountains in the background.

In the afternoon, you will have some free time to walk through the city center of Shkoder. The highligh is the promenade of Shkoder, which has a beautiful Venetian style with lovely

● And if you like, you can visit the Marubi National Museum of Photography(opsional). The museum has a stunning collection of Albanian photographs, that tell Albania’s story and history through images.

In short, Shkoder is a beautiful historic city with a Venetian feel, artistic highlights and amazing views. Are you ready to explore Shkoder with private transportation and a private tour

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