Two Days Trip To Theth National Park And Shkodra

Two days trip to Theth National Park and Shkodra.

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Duration2 Days

– City of shkodra
– Castle of Rozafa
– Albanian Alps
– Thethi village
– Blue Eye
– Grunas Waterfall
– Old tower
– Qafthore

One of the most beautiful mountain villages in the heart of Albanian Alp’s, with the natural wonders of theth like the Blue Eye and the Grunas Waterfall.


Day 1

Daparture from tirana 07 : 00
● From Tirana we will drive for about 2 hours to rich the city of Shkoder. The most popular touristic attraction in Shkoder is the Rozafa castle.The castle is set on the hill-top a few kilometers from the center, and it has a stunning panoramic view from the castle ,you can see the impressive lake of Shkoder (the biggest in the Balkan)      and you will see the three large rivers meet at the bottom of the hill

● You will have some free time to walk through the city center of Shkoder ,which has a beautiful venetian style with lovely tarraces.
● we will continue our way through the Albanian Alps (2500 m)  to arrive at  Qafthore with a wonderful view to make a breake for 30 min
● Adventure continues on the way to the Blue Eye, one of the most beautiful natural  wonders  in Albania. Where we will go  hiking for 40 minutes through the beautiful forest of the high mountains.
● In the afternoon we will overnight in a traditional gesthouse


Day 2

In the morning we will go to explore the quaint little village of Theth,
there is a traditional lock – in tower which was used to isolate the next man to be killed,if there was a conflict end blood feud between two families. And there is a very picturesque little church in the village ,which is surrounded by the mountains.

● we hike to the beautiful Gurnas waterfall Enjoy a leisurely 40 min walk from the center of the village to the waterfall. Return to Tirana.

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