Tirana Capital City of Albania

Tirana, the most important city in Albania, a mixture of  old and new buildings. Some wonders of nature, ancient buildings and some traces of communism.

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Duration2 Days
– Scenderbeg Square
– Dajti National Park
– Cable car
– Castle of Tirana
– Piramide of Tirana
– Grand park of Tirana

Pick-Up In Tirana

Tirana, the heart capital of Albania has a never-ending movement and energy.
This metropolis city is worth to discover by day and night. Founded in the 1614, Tirana is now a developed city which combines culture, history, contemporary architecture and lots of hospitality shown towards tourists. As you take a walk in Tirana you will enjoy the look of the colorful buildings, fancy coffees and green parks.

Start with a visit in the city center, Skanderbeg Square where you will see the statue of Skanderbeg, our National Hero. In front of it you can see the Clock Tower. 35 meters (115 ft) tall it has 90 stairs that go in a spiral fashion. Next you will see the Et’hem Beu Mosque. It’s frescos with trees, waterfalls and bridges, rare for the Islamic art. The National Library is located in front of the Mosque, and near the National Historic Museum.


Dajti Ekspres

You can take a 15-minute ride on the Austrian built cable car, which takes you to the Dajti mountain balcony at a height of 1613 metres above sea level. From the Dajti balcony, you will have spectacular views, several drinking and dining options and outdoor entertainment.


Adriatic Sea

Moreover, one a clear day, you will
be able to see the Adriatic Sea and the Port of Durres.

Then, when you arrive at the upper station of the Dajti Ekspress Cable Car, you will have an impressive view of the entire city of Tirana.

Moreover, one a clear day, you will be able to see the Adriatic Sea and the Port of Durres. Apart from the spectacular views, the Dajti Ekspress Cable Car is a place to relax and get away from the busy city center. There is a beautiful restaurant on the top of the cliff. In the clifftop restaurant, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, whilst taking in the amazing views.

Another option is visiting the rotating bar, which turns 360 degrees, whilst you are enjoying
your hot or cold drink.

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